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Monday, May 09, 2011

My Top 10 blog posts from the past few years

I don't check Google Analytics that often for this blog - most of the time I write what I want, and don't stress about the levels of readership beyond a link on Twitter or two. I'm not selling advertising space, and much of my "target audience" seems to find the blog anyway, so why bother with all that SEO nonsense?

But I thought it was interesting to look at the most popular posts I'd written and see if there's a pattern somewhere. Over the past 3 years or so, these are the ones that come out on top:

  1. A post about sharing 3G dongle modems via a docking-station and WiFi. Not sure why this was so popular, except for the fact I coined the term "Dongle Dock". They never really took off as a concept, as MiFi-style products make for a simpler solution of 3G over WiFi.
  2. My (in)famous post re-writing tbe Monty Python dead parrot sketch - in which the deceased Mobile IMS has been nailed to its LTE perch by the 3GPP/GSMA pet store owner. I know this one got very widely circulated - I still get comments about it today - so no surprises there.
  3. A complaint about poor customer service I got from Carphone Warehouse. "Personal" rants tend to get seen by large numbers of similarly-dissatisfied people looking for others who share their pain. In fact, this would probably be at #1 as it was written in 2006, but I only started tracking hits this way in 2008.
  4. Back to IMS, LTE and VoIP, with a post discussing the original announcement of GSMA OneVoice (now VoLTE)
  5. This was a very short post from 2006, talking about how to integrate SMS into IP and IMS. It's notable that I still haven't seen any live demos (or even major announcements) about getting SMS over SGs working in LTE.
  6. An ongoing theme of mine is about the over-hype of NFC and mobile payments. In particular, I expect NFC is going to be about interactions not transactions. One of my first & best-read posts on the theme was a couple of years ago. A more recent analysis is here
  7. LTE voice once again - and specifically looking at the ill-fated VoLGA. I still think that it makes sense - and if VoLTE encounters the problems I anticipate, I wouldn't be surprised to see it get reincarnated somehow, perhaps as the basis for a Telco-OTT VoIP service on other telcos' LTE phones.
  8. Another post stemming from personal frustration - this time about Vodafone's egregious data roaming pricing strategy about a year ago. Who knows, maybe I contributed to their eventual decision about adoption of the £2/day plan.
  9. And *another* post on IMS, LTE, VoLGA and SMS. I hadn't fully realised how much traffic this discussion had got. For all those interested in my views, I'm hosting both a breakfast session on LTE Voice (Tues 17th at 8am), and an Analyst Spotlight on VoLTE and the Future of Voice (Weds 18th at 11am) at next week's LTE Summit in Amsterdam.
  10. And finally in the Top 10, my predictions for 2010, from the perspective of end-2009. Not too bad on the whole. But yes, I know I'm still complaining about Twitter despite using it for a year now. It's still awful, but unfortunately essential. I'm @disruptivedean.


Henk van Ess, Voelspriet.nl said...

What will happen when Microsoft buys Skype. We'll get a lot of new warnings :)

Эксперт по вопросам мобильности said...

Why do you continue to use twitter? As you said before, you hate it and would give up twittering as soon as you realize that ROI from Twitter is actually zero. Have you found something special in Twitter? Can you share your thoughts about it?