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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Free WiFi white paper - Opportunities for Mobile Operators

I've been covering mobile offload of 3G/4G networks for 3+ years, and wider uses of dual-mode WiFi/cellular devices for about 8 years. Recently, the needle has moved towards WiFi adoption by mobile operators, catalysing a series of new standards developments and industry initiatives.

We've seen a huge set of operators build out or acquire WiFi networks - KDDI, AT&T, China Telecom, Orange and many others. Although some remain skeptical (Hutchison 3, for example), others such as Telefonica O2 have gone to the other extreme and examined building WiFi to "onload" subscribers that don't normally use their network - essentially providing connectivity as an OTT-style service. There is a huge amount of work going on to improve scaling, performance, security, authentication and so forth. Improved convenience and visibility for WiFi is indeed urgently needed - especially on smartphones where the user experience is often clunky today.

In recent months I've written a series of blog posts about WiFi recently - in particular, the fallacies of the idea of "seamlessness" and the almost Machiavellian moves of some cellular industry bodies to attempt to control/own the technology.

I've now published a free White Paper on the opportunities of WiFi for mobile operators, which looks at business cases and usage models, as well as technology evolution and pitfalls. It covers all these issues with examples, explanation and opinion - and introduces the concept of "WiFi Neutrality" I mentioned on my blog yesterday.

You can download the paper here

If you'd like more detail, or to commission an inhouse workshop, public presentation or consulting advisory project, please get in touch via information AT disruptive-analysis DOT com

[Disclosure: The paper is sponsored by a client of Disruptive Analysis, iPass Inc. As in all such cases, I only take on commissioned work where I retain editorial independence, and where I have broad agreement on key trends & future industry direction before I start writing - or where they feel that airing my contrarian views advances the wider industry debate. Such companies probably deserve bravery awards given that I don't shy away from controversy].

1 comment:

Guillermo said...

Hi Dean. I'm Guillermo, from Peru.

I've been researching a lot about the diversity of business models built around wifi. Today I came across your blog.

However, I still don't understand thoroughly the following:

- Is there any difference between a Hotspot Aggregator (eg. Trustive) and a Hotspot Operator (eg. Vex )?

- Given that the difference exists... Which are the revenue streams in the alliances they made.

Thanks in advance for your help!