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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Telco-OTT Strategies report now published

The report is now available.

  • 135 pages
  • 88 operator services mentioned
  • 4 service categories
    • Content, video & portals
    • Communications, social & identity
    • Corporate & cloud 
    • Connectivity
Comprehensive discussion of what "Telco-OTT" means, why it's inevitable, and key success factors for making it work. Covers everything from VoIP to femtocells to SaaS to IP-VPNs to portals to IPTV-anywhere.

For full details or to order via PO/invoice, please email:    
                                                                     information AT disruptive-analysis DOT com

**NEW! Contents are available here **

Or to purchase immediately by credit card or Paypal, please select licence option (1-3 users, or corporate) and click the links below. The report will be emailed as a PDF, wherever posssible within 24 hours.

Telco-OTT report (PDF) 1-3 users

Telco-OTT report (PDF) Corporate Licence

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