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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Retrospective: My most-read posts of 2012

Just having a look through my Blogger stats to see which of my posts have been read the most from the past year. Because of RSS, people reading via email etc, these stats are never entirely accurate, but it's still interesting (for me at least) to see what's popular. It's also obviously the older posts that have had time to accumulate more views after the initial burst.

1. How to save NFC: Kill the idea of mobile payments

2. Some of my current thinking about RCS/Joyn

3. New report: 10 Reasons why the "toll-free" 1-800 apps concept won't work

4. Telcos will suffer because of "subscription myopia". WebRTC & WiFi don't need subs

5. The telecoms industry & a dual-dilemma problem

6. The concept of the "minute" is killing the phone industry

7. Mobile data growth - a thought experiment

8. Operator WiFi - Seamless is the wrong approach

9. The death of communications ubiquity - and why GSMA has got it wrong

10. Reverse-engineering Ericsson's mobile data numbers

11. Telefonica TUMe - the first salvo in full-scale inter-operator TelcoOTT warfare

 I'd also add in that my recent "Anti-Forecasts for 2013" is probably the fastest-growing recent post, while my guest post about Telcos/OTT on Acme Packet's blog is currently at #2 in their most-read list (#1 is about WebRTC - which is something I'm expecting to drive a lot of views here - although my Slideshare presentation on WebRTC is currently a long way behind the messaging one)

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