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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Publications & Upcoming Events

This is an "administrative" post, covering my recent and upcoming publications & events. Please get in touch if you'd like any more details about booking me for speaking/workshops, or for considering published output - information AT disruptive-analysis DOT com.


I speak at, or attend, about 30 public events per year, plus a number of private workshops, executive off-sites and online webinars. Recent notable events have included:
  • Keynote on Futurism at Ofcom's spectrum workshop day (link)
  • Presenting at TMForum's Action Week (on blockchain - link)
  • Keynote on new wireless & spectrum models at WiFi Now in Washington DC (link)
  • Chairing Total Telecom's Connected Britain event
  • My own workshops, run jointly with Caroline Gabriel, on Enterprise/Private Cellular Networks, and AI + Blockchain for the Telecoms Industry (link)
The next few months are looking pretty hectic for events I'm speaking at, attending or moderating. My schedule always a bit of a work-in-progress, and some things may change a bit, so please get in touch with me if you want to arrange meetings/briefings, or need a speaker for other events. 
  • 3 Sep, London, London Futurists: Agenda for the Future (link)
    • Presentation: "Anti-Forecasting"
  • 4-7 Sep, Shanghai, Huawei Connect (link)
    • Attending as an analyst
  • 18-19 Sep, Bangkok: PTC Spectrum Futures (link)
    • Presentation: "A Futuristic View of Spectrum: Where Are We Going?"
    • CBRS Workshop
  • 25-27 Sep, Busan, S Korea: ITU Telecom World (link)
    • Panel Moderator: Reinventing Telcos
  • 3-5 Oct  Orlando, US: Astricon (link)
    • Keynote on "What the Future Holds for Asterisk - And What's Overhyped"
  • 5 Oct (TBA), Webinar: IBwave (link to follow)
    • Presenting on Convergence & Evolution in Indoor Wireless
  • 11-12 Oct, Brussels: IICom Annual Conference (link)
    • Presenting on "Innovation in connectivity technologies - embracing heterogeneity"
  • 23-24 Oct, Phoenix, US: Broadsoft Connections (link)
    •  Attending as an analyst
  • 25-26 Oct, San Francisco: GE Minds & Machines (link)
    • Attending as an analyst
  • 31 Oct - 1 Nov, London: Total Telecom Congress (link)
    • Speaking "Optimising Spectrum Regulation in the 5G era"
    • Chairing Day 2
  • 02 Nov, The Hague, Netherlands: WiFi Now Europe (link)
    • Keynote + Panel
  • 14-15 Nov, Lisbon: TADSummit (link)
    • Presenting on Enterprise & Industrial IoT mobile networks
  • 28-29 Nov, Bangkok: WiFi Now APAC (link)
    • Keynote + Panel
  • 30 Nov, London: Great Telco Debate (link)
    •  Speaker, topic TBA
  • 01 Dec, London DB + CG Private Cellular Workshop #2 (link to follow)
    • 1-day workshop on Enterprise / Private mobile networks
    • Contact: information AT disruptive-analysis DOT com for details


For my written output, I work through three main channels:
  • This blog and cross-posts on my LinkedIn & Medium. Recent topics have included:
    • Blockchain/ICOs (link and link)
    • Mobile connection bonding & SD-WAN (link)
    • Net Neutrality (link)
    • Sensors (link)
    • Amazon / Edge-Computing (link)
    • Data-over-Sound (link)
    • UCaaS (link)
    • Spectrum Sharing / Enterprise Cellular (link)
  • STL's Future of The Network research stream, which I run as associate director. My own recently-contributed reports include: 
    • Facebook's Telecom Infra Project (link)
    • Edge Computing (link)
    • VoLTE (link)
    • 5G Spectrum (link)
    • eSIM (link)
    • Other reports in the stream written by others have covered 4G in Asia, NFV and other topics. 
    • My next reports will look at LPWAN, cRAN/vRAN, and WiFi's strategic implications for Telcos.
  • Disruptive Analysis branded reports & papers, which include both open-market reports such as last year's eSIM study (link), and client-commissioned papers - some of which are internal and kept under NDA. Recent public documents include
    • Blockchain for Telcos, written for Juniper Networks (link)
    • Integrating IoT & Video Comms, written for Dialogic (link)
    • Data-over-Sound, written for Chirp (link)
    • IoT + Voice/Messaging Comms, written for Metaswitch (link
    • Upcoming paper on consumer communications privacy


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