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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Summary slides on Telco-OTT rationale

Last week, Martin Geddes & I ran our first public workshop on Telco-OTT services, and why both fixed and mobile operators should be developing their own Internet-based services. This was a full-day event, with a varied attendance from operators, vendors, Internet companies, regulators and others. Rather than just being presentations from myself and Martin, we ran the event to get a good amount of discussion, interaction and networking among the participants.

We covered general trends in the telecoms industry that make it inevitable that the historic "federation" model of telecoms services is going to break down - and sources of value that remain open to operators as that happens. We examined some of the underlying and unspoken assumptions that the telecoms industry often makes. Importantly, we also looked at some of the practicalities and organisational challenges involved in telcos developing innovative products and services, some of which may cannibalise existing busineses.

Our view is that "managed and minimal self-cannibalisation" is far better than simply burying heads in sand and waiting for the Internet juggernaut to do it instead, in a much more catastrophic fashion. It's also much better than trying to compete with Internet-OTT services with poorly thought-out legacy solutions like RCSe.

Our view is that the industry spends too much time thinking about "Telcos vs. OTT" and too little time considering "Telcos exploiting OTT".

The event drilled into the four main areas of Telco-OTT services: Communications, Cloud, Content & Connectivity. These are all covered in much greater detail in my recent report on Telco-OTT Strategies and Case Studies.

If you want to get a quick backgrounder on the "story", we've uploaded a summary slide-deck. You can view it here.

Have a look through it, feel free to comment here on this blog, and if you'd like to take it further, please get in touch (information AT disruptive-analysis DOT com) or buy the full report.

We'll soon be announcing future public workshops, as well as conducting private internal sessions for specific clients (under NDA where appropriate). I've also been doing various in-depth consulting engagements in this area with vendors and operators, and would be happy to discuss your specific requirements.

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