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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Upcoming Events: Open Mobile Summit, NGMN, Small Cells & more

Future of Voice & Telco-OTT

Firstly, a big round of thanks to everyone who came to last week's London Future of Voice and inaugural Telco-OTT workshops. Martin & I were very pleased with the levels of insight & interaction, and the general atmosphere of learning and collaboration among supposed rivals. I've come out of the events with a range of extra thoughts and ideas, and will be feeding those back into our ever-evolving story.

On that topic, we're still finalising dates for our next public FoV / OTT workshops in the US (and after that, back in UK/Europe and maybe Asia later in the year), as well as talking to various companies about running internal private or custom workshops for staff/partners/customers. We're also thinking about shorter varieties for breakfast roundtables, press lunches etc.

If you're interested in hosting or sponsoring an event on Future of Voice, Telco-OTT or related areas, please drop me a line via information AT disruptive-analysis DOT com . More detail is also available on the main Future of Comms website.

In addition to my own smaller workshop-style events, I'm also going to be speaking at or chairing various other major conferences over the next couple of months.

Open Mobile Summit

In particular, I'll be at the Open Mobile Summit in London (link here) on May 29-30 . I’ll be moderating a panel on the possible operator responses to so-called OTT providers, including whether operators should launch their own OTT services (ie my Telco-OTT hypothesis). Dr. Rainer Deutschmann, SVP Core Telco, Deutsche Telekom and Daniel Gurrola, VP, Orange, are just 2 of the heavyweight operators participating in this session’s line-up. It wouldn't surprise me if my favourite topic of RCS crops up as well, so anticipate some fireworks and the odd awkward question....

I'm quite a fan of the OMS events, having spoken at four previous conferences. There's usually a good mix of senior people from across the value chain - generally focused more on services (next gen voice, cloud, advertising, payments and commerce etc), rather than infrastructure. Unlike some events I've been to, I also don't get the sense that vendor sponsors set the agenda unduly or get a free-ride.

Use discount code DISRUPTIVE or click here for special delegate rates.

NGMN Conference

I'm not going to be going to the LTE World Summit this year. In general, I'm moving away from attending the larger events and trade shows, unless they are both profitable for me and enjoyable. I'm not at CTIA next week either, and I probably won't be at MWC in Barcelona next year, since as it's moving from the Fira to some new faceless barn way out by the airport.

Instead, I'm going to be at the NGMN Industry Conference in San Francisco from June 13-15. (Link here) which looks to be stuffed with CTOs and senior strategists. Hopefully that means there should be a focus on what's actually realistic with 4G technology, rather than marketing fluff and hype. I'm moderating a panel session on devices including NTT DoCoMo, Bell Mobility, Samsung and Qualcomm representatives. I'll actually be wearing my "second hat" as an associate of STL Partners / Telco 2.0 , and primarily representing their work & world-view, where it is congruent with my own.

(That means that I won't be at the STL/Telco 2.0 London event that's running at the same time, which I'd also heartily recommend for a less-tech heavy view on telco & media business models and service opportunities)

Small Cell World Summit

My other main gig before the summer is back in London, at the end of June, at the Small Cell Summit (formerly the Femto Summit). Link is here. I'll be moderating a panel session discussing the practicalities of rolling out small cells on a large scale, and also probably chairing one of the other sessions. Should be interesting to see what's going on in the world of small cells & femtos - in my mind a really important part of increasing network capacity, rather than trying to over-engineer the core and policy parts of the infrastructure.

(Special plug here for the organisers, who've clearly got their priorities right, as they've arranged it at a venue which is walking distance from my house.)

Other events & speaker requests

Later in the year, I'll be doing an executive training course on key disruptive trends in telecoms in Singapore (Sep 20th) - more details in a later post. I'll also probably be at one or more of the Telco 2.0 events in the Middle East or Asia-Pacific in Oct/Nov.

If you're interested in getting me along as a speaker, moderator or chair for another event, please drop me an email at information AT disruptive-analysis DOT com

My main topics are:

- Future of Voice (and messaging) services
- Telcos + OTT / Telcos vs. OTT / Telco-OTT strategies
- Mobile Data Policy/Traffic Management & Optimisation
- Wi-Fi (offload, devices, carriers, user experience etc)
- Operator Business Models
- Mobile Broadband Networks (3G / 4G)
- Mobile devices & ecosystems

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